Glow Performance

FireFleye’s light dances will take you on a visual journey into the world of movement, light and color that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor night performances. Light dance is great for set breaks and creates an ambience that adds a brightly lit dimension, stimulating the imagination of any aged audience. View Photos and Videos.

Fire Performance

With over 100 prior performances, FireFleye is an expert fire and light dancer capable of dazzling audiences with expert techniques with poi, staff and double stave fire tools. These uncommon elements add to the magic of the dance and are used to display a myriad of blazing trails and mesmerizing displays of combustible light energy. Great for show stopping and ever burning moments of flaming fun. View Photos and Videos.

Book FireFleye for Your Next Event

For more information about booking FireFleye for your next event, please contact us.

Why Book FireFleye?

Let FireFleye bring the magic of fire and light to your next event. Firefleye is an experienced performing artist who knows how to fire-up any audience with playful and artistic dances using fire and light. FireFleye will bring energy, excitement and entertainment to any party, expo or gathering – large or small. FireFleye’s expertise performing at a wide variety of events provides you with a multitude of visually stunning experiences that will enhance and energize your event. Invite FireFleye to your event and you can be sure your guests will have the memory of your party burning brightly for years to come!

FireFleye can provide a variety of musical themes for you to choose from or will develop a performance to your own musical selection. Performances are geared for all ages with a variety of themed costumes suitable for your event. All shows can be customized to fit your individual interests and tailored to suit your venue.

Performances requires a stable footing area with ample space and overhead clearance of 15 feet. A 12x12 ft. minimum performance area is required.

Fire safety is our foremost concern and the professional safety for both FireFleye as well as the audience is included with the performance. FireFleye’s experience and professionalism guarantees that you’ll have nothing to worry about before, during or after the performance. You can relax and enjoy the accolades that come from presenting such a captivating show at your event!